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Before the beginner’s lesson we often teach a stroll as a warm up.  The lesson covers the basic steps, but you will also learn about styling and lead and follow.  You might learn more than one move in the lesson so that you can practise joining moves, but the emphasis is on becoming confident and competent rather than learning lots of moves with little ability to actually dance them.  

In the improver’s lesson you will build your skills in leading or following while learning more complex moves.  We usually suggest that you are fairly confident in dancing with triple steps and 8-count Charleston before joining this lesson. The lesson will usually include a short routine of 3-4 moves.

There is time for freestyle dancing between the beginner’s and improver’s lessons.  This starts at around 8.30pm and usually lasts for about 30 minutes. There is a further period of freestyle dancing after the improver’s lesson.

You’ll have the chance to dance to a wide range of music from the 30’s to the 50’s and there is a chance to do some strolling too. Many people find that this is a great way to practise the moves covered in the class so that they can be danced confidently and mixed with other moves.

Party Nights (see our calendar for upcoming dates)

On party nights, there is only one class (often Balboa rather than Lindy Hop) which means you can enjoy social dancing from 9.00pm. On these nights we ask everyone to bring some food to share.  This means we enjoy a great party atmosphere as well as plenty of time to dance!

Having tried other classes I can say that your style and delivery is the best!!!


Weekly Classes
Louth Lindy Hop Club

Thursday Nights at the Mayfair Club, Louth.

You will find more information here:  Louth Lindy Hop Club

This is where you will find out about our weekly Lindy Hop classes in Lincoln and Louth. We also teach at our social dances: You can learn Balboa at Friday Night Swing and Lindy Hop at Black Diamond Boogie and Nosey Joe’s.

Our weekly classes include a beginner’s lesson, an improver’s lesson and social dancing. Classes are taught on a drop-in basis so you can start on any week.  However, do feel free to give us a call if you are planning to join us for the first time, as some weeks are easier to start than others.

Lincoln Lindy Hop Club

Tuesday Nights at the Royal Naval Association Club, Lincoln.

Except the 3rd Tuesday of the month

You will find more information here:  Lincoln Lindy Hop Club

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