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52nd Street Jump began in 2005 when Caron and Steve Mason started teaching Lindy Hop together in Sussex. Their aim was to teach fun, instructive classes in Lindy Hop which would enable people to enjoy dancing and quickly feel confident on the dance floor. They hoped that the classes would be a social event as well as a chance to learn new steps.

Within a couple of years they were running successful and popular classes in Surrey, Central London, and Penge, South East London. Caron and Steve also ran a number of popular dances including 'The Chicken Shack' and 'Nosy Joe's'. They also started 'Saturday Night Swing Club' in association with The London Swing Dance Society. Caron and Steve continue to run this event which is London's largest Swing Dance Night.

In 2010 Caron and Steve moved to Alford, Lincolnshire with the expectation that they would reduce their commitment to Lindy Hop events. They continued to return to London once a month to run 'Saturday Night Swing Club' but found themselves being drawn back towards teaching following requests for local classes.

In 2012 Caron and Steve decided to start offering classes for beginners in London again. Following many requests they re-introduced the Foundation Course in Lindy Hop which had been so popular previously. Niall and Michaela agreed to teach these classes following the original syllabus established at Pineapple Dance Studios. This course is run at Danceworks in association with London Swing Dance Society.

In addition to weekly classes, one to one or small group tuition can be arranged on request. Caron and Steve are also available to give dance demonstrations or teach at private events.  The service they provide is tailor made to your requirements but can include teaching, demonstration or providing a Swing DJ.  Please contact them with your requirements and they will be happy to help.

What is Lindy Hop?

In the late 1920's a new dance was born in The Savoy Ballroom, Harlem. It's roots were firmly based in the Charleston and it was inspired by Swing music which was growing in popularity. It was initially called Lindy Hop but was later also known as Jitterbug or simply Swing Dancing.  This new dance craze joined Collegiate Shag and Balboa to become the predecessor of an entire family of 'Swing' dances -  East and West Coast Swing, and more recently Jive. During the second world war Swing music became hugely popular and so did the dance which had started years earlier. Jitterbug was the perfect antidote to the stresses of wartime.

Lindy Hop is a partner led dance with the male lead deciding which moves to do and in which order. Unlike the performance style Lindy Hop featured in films such as 'Hellzapoppin' and 'A Day at the Races' social Lindy Hop is completely unchoreographed. The lead and follow aspect of Lindy Hop means that providing ladies learn to follow they will be able to do moves they didn't even know they knew! For men this means you rarely need to worry about whether your partner has learnt the same moves as you.

Lindy Hop is very popular in many different countries which means that whilst you may not share the same language you will be able to share your love of dancing. Although Lindy Hop offers the possibility of learning more complex 8 count patterns, the early stages of the dance can be grasped easily. You will also be able to dance to a wide range of music from Swing to Rock and Roll, providing it swings you can dance to it!

Dancing to big band swing music lasted well into the 1950's.  The arrival of Rock & Roll, Jump-Jive and Rhythm & Blues meant that this kind of partner dancing remained fashionable even as styles changed.

Swing dancing was popular for over 30 years and danced to a range of music that suits many tastes. Thanks to a major revival of partner dancing and forties fashions Lindy Hop is now very much in vogue.

Why Learn Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is a dance suitable for all ages, abilities and levels of fitness. Classes are great fun and a great night out! In less time than you would think you will be dancing confidently and stylishly at many social events.  It will also allow you to try other swing dances such as Balboa or Collegiate Shag.

In addition to the events run by Caron and Steve there are many chances for dancing at 40's events and Swing dances held across the country. There are also dance weekends or dance camps for those who are not satisfied with one night.  There is something for everyone and the scene is still growing! 




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